My Father, The Millionaire…

From my "Overheard" column in the Pacific Sun newspaper. December 20, 1996We all know that money is tight in Washington and government agencies are counting their pennies, right?  Well, not exactly. Evidence to the contrary is in an amazing story about my father and his checking account.Dad is retired and lives in South Carolina. He... Continue Reading →

Halo in the ring

The Messiah Stumps for President By Alex Horvath (From the Pacific Sun, "Overheard", March 1994) A press release arrived in the office last week from the first announced candidate for the 1996 presidential election. Amazingly, it was from an old Bolinas neighbor of mine, Neil (The Messiah!) Brandt. As some of your may remember from... Continue Reading →

My Parents, the Kennedy’s

When I was a boy, I had a vivid imagination that would take me forward and backward in time, and to the far off places like the center of the earth – and the moon. It was the 1960s and at age seven, I would lie on my stomach in front of the television and... Continue Reading →

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