The Life (and Death) of WRFB

I’m not sure of the year that it first went on the air, but I am darned sure of the exact date when it went off. And that was December 15, 1975, when officials from the Federal Communications Commission arrived at the Bolinas Community Public Utilities District building on Elm Road, confiscated radio equipment from... Continue Reading →

An After-School Pot Bust

Helicopters buzzing about overhead, trips up Mt. Tam to water one’s private garden, backyards on The Mesa that were covered with camouflage, and citizens worried that newcomers were narks. Ah, the good old days of Bolinas in the 1970’s, when entrepreneurs from our town and beyond tried in earnest to get a lump-sum out of... Continue Reading →

The Name Game

The thing about Bolinas names... (Everyone’s got at least two)My wife, Robin, who goes by only one name, is quick to point out that the majority of people from Bolinas have more than one name. I tell her that I am just "Alex," so that can't be true. But she counters with the fact that... Continue Reading →

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