Thanksgiving at Smiley’s Saloon

My favorite Thanksgiving in Bolinas was in 1995, a year when I was living back in town and working part-time at Smiley’s Saloon while working full-time at the Pacific Sun. I was going through my first divorce and had moved to let my mind heal and to get my arms around whatever I was going... Continue Reading →

A Grandfather Story

I was named after both of my grandfathers – Alexander Healy from Worland, Wyoming, and Dr. Bela Horvath, from Budapest Hungary. Strangely, I see myself as a mix of both men, with a peppering of both of my parents thrown in for flavor. I have my father’s intellect and sense of humor, which I’m sure... Continue Reading →

A Rogue Cop – and Karma

The crusty old police officer spotted me staring at him, squinting, trying to get close enough to read the name on the brass plate that was pinned to his shirt just above the badge. I could barely make out the name. Just as I was getting close and spelling out the individual letters, he moved... Continue Reading →

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