God Box

The year 2020 has been such a year that I have had to put my “God Box” back into use. What the hell is a God Box, you might ask? It’s a box where you put your problems and worries and let them sit for awhile. Check them six months or a year later and see if these things are still on your worry list.

I used the box a lot in my twenties and thirties, normally over things like what was going to happen in a relationship or if I were going to be able to make a car payment. There was a lot of fear-based thinking, but nothing bad ever actually happened.

The idea that we are in the midst of a public health emergency and that our lives have had to change is certainly worthy of the box. But some things you simply must adapt to, so we wear masks out in public, practice social distancing, and wash our hands a lot. And you know what, scientists are now thisclose to having a vaccine for the public that will keep us all safe from COVID-19.

God Box, Treasure Chest, Trunk, etc.

I lost my job in March — three days before the whole country shut down. It was nearly impossible to get my unemployment benefits due to the mass of people that were also trying to get theirs. I called the EDD day and night, even on weekends, and enlisted the help of a state legislator. No luck, so I put the whole burden of this into my God Box. A day or so later, I noticed in an ad on social media that the EDD was hiring. I applied, and have been working for them since June.

I’ll admit, I had to out Donald Trump into my box… and I had to keep shutting the lid on him every time he tried to get out! The idea that this ill-equipped, entirely uninterested con man was running our government (into the ground), stoking racism and violence, was too much for my little brain, even back in March. Into the box he went.

It’s late November now and there has been an election. I open up the box and am delighted to not be worried — Mr. Trump will be gone very soon, in spite freak show of legal challenges that he had tried unleashing on the courts in order to stay in power.

I’ll think about Trump again after January 20 and watch him slither back under the rock from where he came.

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