Google Glasses and "The Jerk"

I, for one, hope that the new Google Glasses are wildly successful and that Google reaps in bazillions from the invention. After all, who knew that human beings needed so much technology and information overload?  It took the engineers at Google — who also thought up the driverless car — to recognize this need in modern society, where there is clearly an absence of inventions that will one day break and them wind up in some landfill or floating island of trash. 

The best would be if Google Glass had the same kind of success as the “Opti-Grab” glasses, invented by Naven Johnson in “The Jerk”, starring Steve Martin.  In the film, gas station attendant Johnson finds a way to make ordinary glasses fit better on a person’s face.  He takes the metal bridge from the glasses and fits it over the tip of the nose.  The Opti-Grab design is a huge commercial success and Johnson becomes rich — only to lose it all when the invention winds up with its users going cross-eyed. (Comedy legend Carl Reiner is famously pictured in one scene as a litigant suing Johnson for making him cross-eyed).

So here’s to technology, and information — and to Google’s stock going even further through the ceiling. But don’t be surprised if there is some blowback to Google Glass, such as wearers walking into lamp posts, crashing their cars while reading a news update, and relationships dissolving as the virtual world overtakes the real world.