God Box

The year 2020 has been such a year that I have had to put my “God Box” back into use. What the hell is a God Box, you might ask? It’s a box where you put your problems and worries and let them sit for awhile. Check them six months or a year later and... Continue Reading →

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If You Build It They Will Come…

I had considered this election week to be painful as well, until I considered the voting rights of women United States. This year marks the 100 year anniversary of women getting the vote after decades of fighting for it.

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Do Black Lives Matter in Rohnert Park?

The Friendly City? Sometimes not! In Rohnert Park, the city where I live, there used to be a thriving business center that was operated by the State Farm Insurance Company. Thousands of people moved to Rohnert Park to work at State Farm. The City of Rohnert Park even named the street where the 30-acre State... Continue Reading →

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The Music and Art of Marty Balin

A musical riddle: What do Johnny Mathis, San Francisco’s beatnik jazz scene, eastern religion, a notorious 19th century flatulist and painting have in common?   Answer: They are brush strokes in the story that make up local rock legend Marty Balin.  Balin founded the Jefferson Airplane in 1965 doing the writing and lead vocals on... Continue Reading →

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A Clockwork Orange — In Cotati?

It's no secret that there are plenty of famous and not-so-famous writers living in the North Bay. But several years ago, I was taken aback to learn that Anthony Burgess, the famed writer of the 1962 novel, A Clockwork Orange and numerous other works actually resided at the intersection of Rohnert Park and Cotati, in... Continue Reading →

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